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The Giant Mechanical Man Trailer Released

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The theatrical trailer for Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk’s upcoming film “The Mechanical Man” has been released! Check it out:

Video: Jenna Fischer on Access Hollywood Live

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Jenna Fischer appeared on Access Hollywood Live this morning to discuss The Office and her new film The Giant Mechanical Man. Check out the segment, which includes footage from the Film!

Thanks so much to the awesome zerohhero for the clip!

Audio Interview: Jenna Fischer Explains The Challenges Of Acting with We Are The Solution

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Jenna did an amazing phone interview with With Are The Solution, a great anti-bullying campaign. About We Are The Solution:

This section of is dedicated to those who are working hard to create a climate of tolerance and empowerment for students. Interviews are conducted by students from Edward Town Middle School as a way to further the positive message of their original anti-bullying video and pledge campaign.

Jenna Fischer Explains The Challenges Of Acting

Jenna Fischer’s career has been filled with obstacles and challenges. Acting is a profession that is extremely difficult to succeed in.

“Unlike certain jobs where if you just show up on time and do good work you can slowly move up through the company – it doesn’t work that way with acting,” said Fischer.

Best known for the role of Pam on NBC’s show The Office, Fischer began her career playing small parts in other shows and working as a secretary to help earn money. It took eight years before she landed the role that has so far defined her career.

Fischer explained that as a teen, she experienced everything that a typical middle schooler goes through – including bullying.

“At the time I would go home and cry. But the truth is, in the end it made me stronger.”

Jenna Fischer overcame this difficult time in life and is now a successful and extremely talented actress.

“This time in your life passes,” explains Fischer. “It feels like it’s going to last forever, but it doesn’t.”

Listen below to Jenna Fischer speak with Edward Town Middle School students Austin and Ashley about her acting career.


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Another set of older pictures have been uploaded to the gallery. Check them out =)

{NEW (OLD) PICS} Update :)

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We’ve just added a bunch of older pictures to the gallery!! Enjoy!

{NEW PICS} Jenna & Lee attend the Tribeca Film Festival Reception in LA.

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Last night, Jenna and Lee attended the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival Reception in LA. Check out the gallery for lots of high quality pictures.

Dates released for TFF showings of The Giant Mechanical Man

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According to the Tribeca Film website, “The Giant Mechanical Man” will be showing the following dates:

Monday 4/23 – 6:30PM @ SVA Theater 1 Silas

Tuesday 4/24 – 9:00PM @ AMC Loews Village 7 – 1

Wednesday 4/25 – 4:30PM @ Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 9

Single tickets go on sale Tuesday, April 10, for American Express Cardmembers, and on Monday, April 16, for the general public.

Additionally, Jenna has tweeted that her and Lee will be in attendance at the Festival!

Starting April 17th, The Giant Mechanical Man can be viewed on VOD

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Not in NYC? Catch TFF 2012 on VOD

Starting April 17, viewers across the country can catch four Festival titles on VOD, even before they premiere at TFF.

Three titles from the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival—The Giant Mechanical Man, Death of a Superhero, and Sleepless Night—have already been announced as Tribeca Film acquisitions, and will be available on nationwide VOD via Tribeca Film beginning on April 17. A fourth title has just been acquired—Booker’s Place: A Mississippi Story—which will debut on VOD on April 26. The Tribeca Film slate on VOD will allow viewers across the country to experience the Festival, through availability on cable, telco and satellite systems, in addition to digital VOD services such as iTunes, Amazon Watch Instantly, Vudu and Samsung Media Hub, a new distribution partner of Tribeca Film.

Additional info:

♦ Limited theatrical release begins April 27 (New York)

The Giant Mechanical Man will premiere at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

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Tribeca Film Festival 2012: ‘Struck By Lightning,’ ‘Lola Versus,’ ’2 Days In New York’ Among Spotlight Films

James Franco’s crazy-pants documentary-cum-thriller about his time on “General Hospital” (titled “Francophrenia,” of course) isn’t the only big-ticket film debuting at the 11th edition of the Tribeca Film Festival. New features starring Chris Colfer, Greta Gerwig, Jenna Fisher, Julie Delpy, Chris Rock and Jesse Eisenberg will also screen as part of Tribeca’s Spotlight program.

“The Spotlight program is a wonderful encapsulation of the originality and diversity of filmmaking that Tribeca seeks to highlight,” said Frédéric Boyer, newly appointed Artistic Director of the Tribeca Film Festival. “We have films from emerging filmmakers as well as seasoned veterans, narratives that showcase stellar performances and insightful writing, and documentaries that challenge and inform their audiences.”

Colfer, best known for his Golden Globe-winning role on “Glee,” is one of those newcomers. He wrote and stars in “Struck By Lightning,” which will have its world premiere at Tribeca. Television veterans Allison Janney, Christina Hendricks and Sarah Hyland lend support to Colfer’s coming-of-age film.

Also debuting at the festival will be “Lola Versus,” the latest film from Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones (“Breaking Upwards”), which stars Greta Gerwig as a broken-hearted New Yorker.

“The Giant Mechanical Man” also premieres at Tribeca. The romantic comedy, a Tribeca Films release, stars Jenna Fischer, Topher Grace, Chris Messina and Malin Akerman.

Other films screening at Tribeca include the New York premiere of “2 Days In New York” (with Julie Delpy and Chris Rock) and “Free Samples,” with “Social Network” star Jesse Eisenberg.

For a full list of the Spotlight films screening at Tribeca, head over to the festival website.

The Tribeca Film Festival runs from April 19 through April 28; “The Five-Year Engagement,” with Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, will open the festival on April 19.

You can view Tribeca’s write up on the film here.

The Tribeca Film Festival will take place from April 19th to April 29th in New York City.

Thanks to Carly for the info!