{Clip + Press Release} Jenna Fischer on The Jeff Probst Show

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Warning: Contains spoilers for The Office.


Fischer Also Recounts Her First Audition For the Show, and Dishes On What Her Castmates Are Really Doing on Their Computers On “The Office”

LOS ANGELES, January 23, 2013 – Jenna Fischer of NBC’s “The Office” reveals big news on THE JEFF PROBST SHOW on Thursday, January 24 that “Office” fans will for the first time meet the people behind the documentary, beginning with the episode airing that night.

“This week is the episode in which you will see behind the scenes of the documentary for the first time,” says Fischer. “We’re going to pull back the curtain, and you know the show’s premise is we are a paper company that’s being documented by a documentary film crew; you’re gonna start meeting members of that documentary crew starting this week.”

In the interview, Fischer also talks to host Jeff Probst about her pre-”Office” days and how it seemed every time she went on an audition, she would lose the role to actress Alyson Hannigan.

“I had been knocking around Los Angeles for eight years going to various auditions and I would do eight auditions for a new television show and then at the very end they would offer the role to Alyson Hannigan,” reveals Fischer. “She was my biggest competition…I would get to the final audition and I’d go, ‘I know I’ve got this one’ and then she’d walk in the door and I’d go ‘nope.’”

Fischer also discusses the wonderful chemistry she has with her co-star John Krasinski, who plays her on-screen husband and co-worker Jim Halpert. She tells Jeff about auditioning for the series and knowing instantly there was something special about Krasinski, after being paired with four different actors vying for the role: “He was my favorite Jim…When they called me and said I got the role, I said ‘Who is Jim? Did you cast John Krasinski?’ and they said ‘Yes’ and I started crying because I knew it would be good…I can’t do Pam without him. In the way you need the right partner to have a great marriage, I needed the right co-star to have this relationship.”

Later in the show, Fischer speaks about being a first-time mom to her toddler son Weston (“I love it 100% of the time”), and shares stories from behind the scenes at “The Office,” including how she became best friends with co-star, Angela Kinney, and what the actors are doing when they appear to be working in the background on the show: “They got us internet, so around the holidays we do our online Christmas shopping. I think Phyllis (Smith) pays her bills online.”

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